Hospitals & Physician Practices

Improved facility management and decision-making process. Armed with powerful insights coming from not only patient-related areas but also operational and financial areas, hospital managers can make informed decisions to ensure better clinical performance and correspondingly better patient outcomes.

Public Health Agencies

To be able to detect potentially fatal medical issues before they occur. This is possible for agencies via using the platform while also reducing the costs.

For Payer & Insurance Providers

Identify potential cost-reduction opportunities for patients to improve insurance claims. Track the number of denied insurance claims payments in the revenue stream to surface trends

For Education & Research

Enhance the analytical and educational workflows while meeting the ever-changing demands of the healthcare landscape.

For Ambulatory Service Providers

Supports care coorination via having data fromuzaktan various sytems and devices at real time and helps to plan and manage the care giving.

For Patients

ROA+ will provide treatments based on each patient’s unique medical history and current medical issues rather than one-size-fits-all model, as individual patient data becomes more accessible and the platform to analyze it become easier.